Angel Rodriguez Capstone

For my Capstone, I made a video explaining the Exposure Triangle. The guiding question for my project was, "How can I help myself and others learn about the art of film without having the opportunities to do so?" I basically wanted to teach myself and others about filmmaking. I spent most of my time researching how the settings of the camera interact with each other. Which caused me to later learn that that knowledge is useless without putting it into practice with my own camera. Also causing me to change my project significantly. Originally the project would've been much broader, explaining other aspects of filmmaking like,” cinematography, lighting, sound; and post-production including sound design and editing. I clearly had no idea what I've signed up for. I cut it down to just the Exposure Triangle because of the aforementioned reason and it was easier for me to explain as I had no prior knowledge of filmmaking or how to use my own camera. Also, it's the starting point for anyone who decides to pick up a camera as a hobby or career, in my opinion. Through this process, I learned about reality and how to manage expectations because of it.