Anthony Walker Q1 project

THe picture is missing

A primarily smudged charcoal work with focus on the pencil figure within the center. The charcoal border forms rough hand shapes, attempting to grab the figure who is cowering in the center of the piece. When I set out to make this piece I wanted to capture the paranoia I experience on a daily basis, and capturing that directly influenced how the piece was made. The charcoal was used to create a darkened border, then smudged out into rough hand shapes. Several pencils of varying hardness were used within the figure, all being used to layer up and darken it The piece is a departure from the norm, I very rarely do a piece of art with a true meaning behind it.

The process of creating this is as follows:

  1. The figure was drawn, starting with the guidelines and anatomy first

  2. The clothes were added to the figure, then with a 4b pencil the lines were darkened

  3. The beginnings of the charcoal border were added

  4. The charcoal was smudged into hand shapes

“The Old Guitarist, Pablo Picasso, oil on canvas 1903-1904” is the picture I chose for this part, I honestly didn’t have any inspiration but I need to put this for a grade.

The charcoal is important, it’s smudged texture creates the desired shadowy effect in the piece. I experimented more with differing pencil hardnesses, and how the shade of the line that was produced came out . I’m mostly proud of getting it done, this was an experience and a huge step out of my usual. I’d change the posing, the figure could have been a lot more prominent and stood out more. I didn’t learn much to be frank, but I did get more experience with the general concept of conveying ideas through art.