Art Reflection

Jaden Massadin

Ms. Hertz


May 1, 2016

Project Synopsis.(Creature)

This Project is basically a clay sculpture that was put in a really hot oven and turned the clay into a glass like substance. I can’t myself tell you what it is because even I don’t know, this isn’t really an accurate representation of what it did look like because all three of it’s eyes fell off including its wings. The colors literally consist on what paint I could get my hands on.


I wanna say that I grew slightly, in terms of my artistic abilities this year. I thought that the freedom we had in class was nice, but personally I would have preferred a more teachy route in art class this year, on subjects such as anatomy, shading, perspective, ect. Throughout this year I stayed in my comfort zone and didn’t really try anything new. Though this art class did interest me enough to get me to start sketching on my free time again. Overall I think I didn’t grow as much as I wanted this year in terms of my art ability, but It did open up new opportunities for me to grow in the future.

Reflection/ Synopsis(Fallout Painting)

Though I don’t have a picture, I can say that the painting was done on a small poster board, with acrylic paint, it was a picture of fallouts poster boy called “vault boy” giving a thumbs up. I never got around to painting the skin before presentations, even though I didn’t present. The under arm of the suit the painting was wearing was yellow, while the suit itself was blue discluding a yellow streak in the middle. The outline was done with a black sharpie marker. I didn’t have any specific techniques while painting the painting other than clean short strokes of my paint brush

Reflection/Synopsis (Viewtiful Joe Drawing)

Yet again I don’t have a picture for this project, but just imagine a small man doing a pose with a red helmet and jumpsuit on. This was a regular drawing, basically I just drew really lightly with pencil on a piece of paper, little to no mistakes, then went over the outline with a black sharpie, finishing off the entire thing with different color markers.

What have you learned about making Art?

Since we weren’t taught like a traditional classroom, I can’t give you any professional answer, I can however tell you what I learned through the few projects that I did make ( in and out of the classroom). I learned that making art requires patience and repetition. I originally thought that everyone comes with natural talent in art and a few days of practice should suffice to becoming an effective artist, but I learned that you don’t get good overnight, and that you really need to practice over and over until it becomes natural and you don’t have to think about certain things when you draw something.

What have you learned about yourself through the projects you have created?

This isn’t something i've learned more as it’s something I knew and are reaffirming this trait, and that something is i’m lazy. I’m looking at my work and i’m realizing it could have been a lot better if i’d managed my time more. My being lazy prevented me from finishing the painting I started for the second quarter. It also made my first project mediocre. This also affects my drawings outside of school, as I’m to lazy to want to improve, so I stay contempt with what I have.

Which project you are most proud of and why?

I am most proud of the clay project I did, It’s the first picture I provided. I believe I titled it “Creature” The reason I am most proud of this project is because I moved out of my comfort zone for this project and it turned out better than expected. The picture unfortunately is of after it got beat up and I can’t put it back together but I am most proud of this project.

Your biggest weakness or area in need of growth has been this year?

I think my biggest weakness as stated in the previous question is my lack of motivation and laziness, I think if I apply myself a bit more I could have done a lot better in this class.

"What kind of Art you want to make next" and "What kind of Art inspires you the most and why?"

I want to do an animation next, not too complex. I want to keep it simple. I’d say that a minimalist style of drawing and art inspires me the most because they take so little and make really cool pictures out of it.