Artist Statement

When you first look at my work you might think it's some kinda graffiti mess and it has no meaning at all but that's not the case. My artist Jean Michel Basquiat has this kind of graffiti style since he is a graffiti artist. His artwork you might not get just my looking at it for a few moments but after a deep look you can understand it. Firstly i think most people will see the eye on his forehead that represents the third eye. This represents a sign for people to find knowledge beyond what they are told, And also explains why his eyes and mouth are closed . Don't believe what you see and don't trust what other people say. The only 3 tools i used to create this , Colored pencils, Crayons, and Sharpie marker. I drew most of this with the Pencils because of the sharp tip it was better for the detailed work and the crayons to fill everything in. This also added color that i couldn't find with the pencils lastly i used the sharpie to make certain things bold like the crossing of the eyes , mouth and the third eye.The thing im most proud about this work is when i show people some people understand but most don't this doesn't necessarily show if someone is smart but it shows if someone is woke . being woke means you are self aware on the left side of the face you can see BWSW this means ‘Be woke stay woke’’. From this project i learned that artwork doesn't have to be visually arrtractive for it to have a deep meaning and for it to catch peoples eye.