Asaad Parsons - SLA Beeber Documentary

This year for my capstone I decided to give Science Leadership Academy the recognition it deserved by creating a documentary of the school that will persuade graduating middle schoolers to come here. Me and my partner created the documentary based on the core values of the school and focused on interviewing the seniors since we have the highest high school experience. The process of creating the documentary was smooth at first and we hit a few bumps on the road considering that they were all due to technical difficulties. One difficulty we encountered was when we spent a whole day gathering people for interviews and recording them only to find out that the mics didn’t pick up any sound because of faulty hardware. What really messed up the whole process, in my opinion, was when we couldn’t find the footage we recorded because the clips were dumped into somewhere that we didn’t know the location of. Therefore, we had to re-record all of the footage that we had made including some of the teacher's interviews. However, by combining our talents and strengths, me and my partner were able to complete the job at a timely fashion. I learned that making a documentary is more than just interviewing people, but it is also about capturing “the big picture” that the audience can take in an analyze. For the big picture, we also recorded funny moments that happened in SLA that should be remembered by incoming freshmen. Overall, I would say that I am very pleased with the way that my Capstone came out at the end.