Ashton Woodson's Senior Capstone

​Throughout the year I've been working on big project, known as a capstone. I experienced a lot of hurdles when it came to completing this project. I very indecisive when it came to deciding on what I wanted to do for my capstone. I knew that I wanted a project that benefited others. But, do something that I was passionate about and enjoy doing. I went through a ton of ideas for this project. With that being said, for my senior capstone I decided to make a video about natural hair. I love natural hair and what it stands for. I’m very passionate about natural hair and I love editing video. The inspiration for this project was my TED talk I did in my Art of Short Story class. I wanted my video to be in a YouTube video style. Meaning, I want it to be fun and informative about my subject. In my video I include cool music, animation, clips and images. With my topic of natural hair I wanted to talk about how it plays apart in the African American community. I realized when creating my project that it can mean so many different things. With this natural hair video I talked about hair discrimination, the history of natural hair and I give some tips on natural hair. I you enjoy my project just as much as I enjoyed creating it.