Bask in Your Beauty

For my capstone my partner and I, Jada Thomas, created a girls mentoring program called Bask in Your Beauty (BIYB for short). The mission of BIYB is to empower and uplift young woman. We wanted to help girls find the beauty within themselves and the world around them. BIYB met every Wednesday from 1:30-3:15pm. During these sessions, we had discussions, trust building activities, and played games. Jada and I truly feel like we have built a sisterhood within BIYB. We remembered how it felt being a young woman in coping with the many things that come along with being in high school. We wanted the girls to feel like they would always have someone to turn to and we became those people for them. We also wanted the girls to understand that beauty is only skin deep so it is important to make sure that you are being the best person possible on the inside as well as the outside. We helped the girls find beauty in things like music, nature, and even in each other. It felt good for me and Jada to know that we had 20+ girls looking up to us. We ourselves feel like we have gained 20+ little sisters and have vowed to be there for the girls no matter what. Through my capstone, I learned what it felt like to be a leader and have other people look up to you. Having those young girls look up to me helped me carry myself in a way that would ensure I was looked at as a leader. This capstone also prepared me for what it feels like to have an impact on the lives of others, something I plan on doing for as long as I live. I am appreciative of the opportunities and experiences this senior capstone has provided me and we look forward to having BIYB continue long after Jada and I graduate.