Be Concious, Think Before You Post

In the article "Kenneth Cole's #Cario Tweet Angers the Internet" it entails the story of an insensitive and innapropriate text posted by Kenneth Cole about the protest occurring in Egypt at the time. The tweet posted states "Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available at -KC". This tweet was not found as humorous or accepted by the community. The tweet takes lightly of Egypt's situation at the time and uses their suffering in a comical way in an attempt to sell their merchandise and self-promote. This tweet produced a negative feeback toward Kenneth Cole putting him in an unsightly view and causing a multitude of hate from a variety of communities and people within those communities. The fact that post can be uploaded to whatever intended site and be viewed immeadiatly which allows things to spread fast and vastly causing an eruption of hate to come about from the tweet. Also due to permanency of the internet the post will forever be available for people to view and remembered by those who have seen it. Thirdly due to lack of control the tweet could be shared and reposted making the complete deletion of it from the web nearly impossible to take down. Even though the tweet was later removed it doesn't erase peoples memories of the occurrance of the incident. If I were to give him advice about what to post on the internet in my opinion I'd tell him to rethink and revise what he is about to post especially when it is addresing a controversial topic. Also I'd advise him to have at least one other person opinionate and express their thoughts about the tweet.Those are my final thoughts on the topic "Kenneth Cole's #Cario Tweet Angers the Internet" and how immediacy, permanency and lack of control play a role in this story and some advice I'd give Kenneth Cole for future posting.