Be Conscious of What You Post

                          Think before you post

PR chief Justine  Sacco tweeted about going to South Africa and “hoping she doesn't get AIDS”. However, she offended people when she said of course she won’t, she’s white. This was retweeted thousands of  times . Her company, IAC, fired her for her poor judgment. I think they made the right call because that offended a lot of people and she had to get a consequence for it.

 This could have affected other people view on going to  South Africa. Justine Sacco lack of control on social media ended up with her getting fired. Also, this could affect her from getting in other jobs for her racist tweet on social media. Advice that I can give her is “be smart when you post.” Also, think before you post and don’t post from your emotions keep it to yourself. Justine Sacco was unaware that once you post something it is permanent and it could never be taken down.

 You should always be aware of what you post and make sure it’s appropriate. Advice that I can give to everyone is think about the consequences you will have. Also, never post anything that could jeopardise your job, friends,and family. In addition, never post anything that could offend someone. Always be conscious of what you post on social  media and be smart.

 I say this because, say if you were going on vacation and you post something about you leaving for a certain amount of time that gives a thief time to rob your house. That’s just an example of being conscious of what you post. Therefore, Justine Sacco incident could be a lesson and an example of how serious and important it is on being aware of the consequences when you post things on social media.

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