Brodie Bauman Capstone

For my capstone, I assisted in designing sensors for Tiny WPA and Public Workshop, the organizations I have been working with for the past three years. The sensors would gather use data on the finished projects from Tiny WPA and Public Workshop. The data we get from the sensors would show us how people use the things we build so that we can improve the design later, and we can also use the data to show that the projects are actually being used and that the money the funders have given us isn't being wasted. During the project I learned the basic concepts of coding and electronics, the principals of data gathering and analysis, and sensor design and manufacturing techniques. I would meet with either Mr. Pilla or another guy Gabe who are both engineers and they would act as teachers, showing us how to do the things we needed to do and pushing us in the right direction to help move the project along. The product of this project is a basic sensor kit which will allow us to gather data on pretty much any project we build in the future, with an instruction book so that other people can replicate the sensors and the installation in the future.
capstone presentation