C.Harris Still Life Drawing

In my art piece of still life, I depicted a corked glass bottle, positioned behind a foamed banana. The pieces were displayed on a standard table in Mrs. Hertz’s room. When viewing the pieces the way I aligned them was to have the bottle be a strong vertical on the extreme left and the banana to be a strong horizontal with a curve on the extreme bottom. This allowed for a lot of negative space to be explored behind these two objects. This negative space contains the texture of the table these objects are sitting on.

         In this composition I also remembered to include a horizon line on the very top of the picture which shows the edge of the table. This was important to show that the objects are not floating in space but have a place that they sit. I also tried to use some shadow and light, especially on the bottle. Because the bottle is transparent you can see the lines through it. The cork also has pencil marks to create texture.

       In general, I tried to create a simple composition that is also strong because of its use of extreme large shapes and where I positioned the objects on the page. I tried to make the negative  space as interesting and important as the positive space. I think this piece is successful because it is balanced. I think I could make it better if I added more shadow to the banana as I did with the bottle. Also, I think I would leave more space under the banana so you could see the bottom and some shadow under it so that it really looks like it is laying on a table. All in all I am pretty happy with this drawing.