Kimberly Caraballo: Capstone

When I think about my future the first thought that comes to mind is how much I want to be a veterinarian. The feeling you get when you help an animal is so priceless and beautiful. In the United States alone there is an estimate of 70 million stray animals. Let me repeat that… 70 MILLION. This opportunity that my capstone has given me was directed towards my future. For my capstone, I decided that I wanted to help these animals in any way that I could. In Philadelphia, there are stray cats found everywhere… especially where I live. I decided that throughout the school year I would document how I helped them through journal entries, pictures, and video footage. In my neighborhood alone there's about 11 cats that I feed daily and the story to how I acquired all these is amazing. The time, money and effort that I have put into taking care of these animals are evident throughout these journals. Every two weeks I buy a $15 24 pound bag of cat food, and throughout the school year, I've bought blankets, houses, boxes and food trays for them. I spend time with the cats and treat them like my own honestly. If my father weren’t deadly allergic to cats I would probably adopt two of them. I hope that through these journals and pictures you can see how the cats I take care of impacted me. Especially my last journal. Down below you’ll find journal entries scattered throughout the months.​