Carmen Yamile Shuman-Fletcher Capstone

As a graduating senior, I plan to pursue a teaching career in Early Childhood Education. This action research project allowed me to gain the experience of working with younger children. How does early learning of Spanish impact the Pre- K students' early Spanish knowledge and classroom culture?. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all instruction occurred remotely. I continued to adapt my teaching style and lesson plans based on my collaboration with the classroom teacher and my SLABeeber mentor teachers. My lessons focus on students learning the color, animals, fruits, vegetables, months, and days in Spanish. My purpose in designing these lessons, intentionally focusing on basic language concepts for 3-year-olds was to offer these students the opportunity to have some exposure to a new language; Spanish. As a future educator, this project allows offered the opportunity to have real-world experience teaching younger students that I could apply when I become a Spanish teacher.