Charles Hart Natural Disasters

1. Earth systems are just a way to organize our world. By nature of that fact, energy and matter are transferred between them. Energy can enter into one system and then through the functions of that environment, it can enter into another system. For instance, plants receive energy from the sun(exosphere), these plants are then eaten by larger creatures who die and decompose to become part of the soil. Processes similar to this one are repeated all throughout the Earth. 2. By understanding the potential downstream effects of a natural disaster, we can find ways to alleviate some of the damage that it does, even if we can't stop the natural disaster itself. This is especially important given how global warming exacerbates natural disasters. 3. I think the first step would be to live sustainably. Better technological advancements can help us make a better future. I don't know much about these technologies, but I assume that this is the only reasonable way forward