Color Wheel Project

I have created the color wheel because I felt that it would be easier for me to just do a regular circle but I wish that I was more creative in adding stuff to my circle to show some creativity in my project. My vision was to show that I can use tertiary colors, primary colors, and secondary colors for a color wheel. My main vision was to show that I can be very creative in a art project. Which is something I will bring to Quarter 2 project. I expect my audience to know that I at least tried to be very creative in my project and worked hard on it. I think they will say that my project is very nice and she worked hard on getting the right colors. My current work relates to my previous work because I’ve used different colors before to show my creativity.

My work fits in the creativity of current contemporary art. My work fits in with the history of art practice because in this time I am still learning how to do different art styles and how to paint. My work fits into a series of projects I have done because most of them involved being creative and for this project you could be very creative in what you do. How artists use colors to make a nice piece of art influences my images. I have been influenced by Vincent van Gogh because of the creativity he had put into his artworks. I have also been influenced by Pablo Picasso also because of his work. A certain technique is important to the work because it helps you get the right color you need to make your work. My technique is to make sure I mix the right amount of colors to create another color. This technique is important to the work because it is easier to get the right color also so that you don’t add too much of a color. This is also a technique I have learned in the process of making this work.

In conclusion, my piece was overall a good project but sometimes difficult to do because it was difficult getting the right color for tertiary colors and mixing them with white and getting the right color for that. But at the end I still tried my best. My artwork shows the hard work I put in to create it and how I used the colors to express the meaning of my piece.

Color Wheel
Color Wheel