Commercial AD Gone Wrong

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    A mattress store in San Antonio made a video about their twin tower mattress sale. They were referencing what happened on 9/11. You should never use a horrible moment to make money off of it. You can find it on their FaceBook Feed. She got a lot of hate for that video. Then she was on the news to explain why she made the video. She said it was stupid and a dumb thing to do. Later she apologize and said that she lost some close people too. After her apology, she still get a lot of hate from what she has done.

    How immediacy played a huge row is because the video spread quick and lots of people seen it. It spread so quickly that it went to the news and spread even more. Also a lot of people was quick to judge them and giving them hate.

    How permanence played a row is the video is now stuck in people's heads. Also that video can still to there store reputation. For example that video can make people judge the store before they even go there.

    How Lack Of Control played a row is when she post the video and knew she was getting a lot of hate. She took it down, but people reposted it and she couldn’t take it down. The video was reposted on YouTube. Then on other social media.

My advice is to think before you post something. Think if it's a bad time to post anything. Also to not use something that impacted the U.S in a bad way to make a profit. Those are some advice I have for her.