Computer Science

This project in question was to learn a new programming language by using a website in an interactive environment. I hoped to learn new strategies in computing, programming, and general problem solving. The steps to complete the project were to go on Code High School, complete lessons to learn about JavaScript and how to apply it to challenges. The project was also to be completed with a screen cast of myself completing one of the assignments in the course. The main successes that I had with this project were that I grasped the ideas quickly, mostly due to the fact that I dealt with programming before, and the terminology. A failure that I had was that I was lack luster in problem solving, getting stuck on some problems, but completing them later after a new take on the concept. I have learned after this, that I can take up anything and quickly use it to my advantage. I can use this knowledge in a future career in computing, if my mother allows me. I would not change a thing on the way I did this project, based on how it was structured. To anyone doing this project, get help from others, watch videos on help with programming, etc. I would say this inspired me to pursue more technological careers. My name is Eric Porter, and I am now an avid programmer.