Daniel Baez Capstone

For my capstone I decided to do it on the haunting truth of our corals bleaching. The reasoning for me doing my project on this is because no one really knows it's happening. It’s rarely talked about on the news and yet its impacting our everyday lives. I've always been drawn to the magic of the ocean. It feels like time slows down. Most people stare up into space with wonder yet we have this almost alien world on our planet teaming with life. But it's a world most people never explore; and yet, it plays such a big part in our lives. Our oceans are the source of life.  Oceans control the climate, the weather, and the oxygen we breathe. Without healthy oceans, we do not have a healthy planet. For many of us, we live far from the nearest beach, for us, it is “out of sight, out of mind”.

Slide Show: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15zWBUaQoQmjAFtjTOIBVR1U29cegi9eu4r3OlwlRkg/edit?usp=sharing