Curtis Hightower Capstone

For my Capstone I made a basketball video and it is teaching the kids in the community or anyone that views it on how to play basketball so they can have a new hobby. Also, this was to get people off of the streets since my basketball video you can do this workout right outside your house in your house or in a gym and if you feel like your city is in a safe environment you may go to your park and do it. The end goal of this project is to make people better themselves in basketball and it will help you in your everyday life. Since you need to sacrifice things to help you get better like you may want to play the game today but you want to get better at basketball, you need to decide what will help you. If you want to be great at something you would need to sacrifice something to get what you want in life. By teaching kids in the community how to play basketball, you are helping to instill important values such as discipline and hard work that can help them in all areas of their lives.

Part 1

Part 2