Cyni R. - Droughts

essential questions: 1. How do the earth systems affect each other? The hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere are the earth systems affected by droughts. Droughts affect the lithospheric crust(geosphere) as it gets completely dried up due to water shortage. This causes all living things in the area to dry up and die because of excessive sunlight and little to no perception. 2. How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters? understanding Environmental Science can aid in handling natural disasters because you know the cause and effect that the disaster has on the world. understanding environmental science can help prevent the loss of the things that get destroyed. although we can not stop natural disasters it helps to know what problems they can cause and how to fix them. 3. What efforts can we make to create a sustainable future? for droughts, we can Conserve water is really important when experiencing a drought. For example, turning the water off while you brush your teeth and taking fewer showers are ways to conserve water during a drought. other things that we can do are in the infographic listed under Do's and Don'ts 4. Your reaction to your findings and overall project: I thought that there would be more about droughts but it's all really basic information. It hasn't happened a lot where it is a huge problem that people deal with. I think that our infographic looks amazing and the information on it, in my opinion, is very helpful to people who want to know more or live in an environment where droughts are likely to happen.

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