3D Modeling

This project in question was to learn how to create a 3D model that can be used in a certain situation. In this case, I chose to import this into a video game. I hoped to learn new strategies in 3D modeling, app management, and general problem solving. The steps to complete the project were to go on a 3D modeling suite, complete a model of your own design, and use it in some way. The project was also to be completed with a screencast of myself using the model in a certain place. The main successes that I had with this project were that I grasped the ideas quickly, mostly due to the fact that I dealt with modeling before (somewhat minorly), and the terminology. A failure that I had was that I was lackluster in getting some other apps to work, getting stuck on some stupid ideas, but completing them later after a new take on the concept. I have learned after this, that I can take up anything and quickly use it to my advantage. I can use this knowledge in a future career in graphic design/modeling. I would not change a thing on the way I did this project, based on how it was structured. To anyone doing this project, get help from others, watch videos on help with modeling, etc. I would say this inspired me to pursue more technological careers.