3D Modeling

I have attached a link to a youtube video of my 3d model I did on tinkercad. The project I choose to do this quarter was 3d modeling. This project allows us to create an object that can be printed out with a 3d printer. You can design it on your laptop and then have a physical object be printed out. I was hoping to learn how to make something online. First, I brainstormed of what I wanted to do. I thought of making a piggy bank, because it seemed fun and why not. So, I started picking the shapes that would fit to make a piggy bank, like a sphere for the body, a ring swirl for the tail, bumps as eyes, etc.

A failure, that I encountered while designing the piggy bank was not making feet for it. To work around this, I tried to make an indent sorta on the bottom of the pig, so that it wouldn’t roll around. I learned throughout this project, that it’s very time consuming to get all the parts right, equal, and make sure they are connected correctly. Something I learned about myself while completing this project is that, things are much more exciting when you’re creating something yourself. If I had to do this project all over again, I would have started by making the legs of the pig first. If you want to try this project, I suggest that you use tinkercad, it’s very easy to use for beginners and to create basic things, but if you want to make something else more advanced maybe you should give a look at other programs.