Dance is Life

I have created the ballerina because I wanted to draw something that would represent me and what I love to do. I was hoping to achieve showing my personality through my work and showing how creative I am doing it. I think my work communicates to the viewer that the definition of my ballerina is very exquisite and the way that I used the background to bring my drawing out was nice. I have achieved outlining the figure to have straight lines and I also achieved in printing the figure out very nice. My current work relates to my previous work because of the definition that I used for my previous one I used on my current work. An example of contemporary art that is similar to mines is the artist Stephen Mackey. His drawings of Arcadia Contemporary is like mines because his use of dark in the background to bring out the main point of the picture is what I did for my painting. Also his use of colors I would definitely say contrasted together like mines.

The process I used to create my work is I first drawn my figure. Then I transferred my image to my linoleum and traced it. After that I used some tools to carve the figure the way that I wanted it. After this whole process, I started printing my linoleum onto a paper and I chose to do a pink background because I felt like it would have made the ballerina pop out more. Then I was finished after that all I had to was scan my paper. My inspiration for this was me and my personality and what I love to do which is dancing. My work reflects the world I live in and my experiences because this is really all I know to do besides volleyball. My work can influence people to know that you don’t have to draw what everyone else see and know, you can draw something that you know, learned, and love to do. A certain technique is important because like say you're drawing a picture and the way you hold your pencil is important if you want the lines to be hard or soft or curvy or straight it’s all in the wrist. A new technique that I learned is how to carve at a certain angle and basically how to carve linoleum in the way that you want to carve it.

In conclusion I learned a lot from this project and hope that I can have more experience with it in the future because there is many ways that I can do stuff with linoleum cut.
Raquel Singleton0001
Raquel Singleton0001