So, when I set out to make this I wanted to make a piece that called out America. We spend all this time worrying about "Diversity" and Gender "Politics". Little said in the news, China had a genocide, hey, there are people i the east getting aids because, up to date vaccines, who needs those!?  We live in a world with much greater issues than what you want between your thighs, or what animal you think you are spiritually. We live in a world with bigger issues than what group is offended by what word. Social Justice has gone so insane that it's killing itself, yet, North Korea is waving nukes around, and we might end up in a war that could ruin America even more than racism or misogyny. In the well fitting word of Frank, "It's time to stop!"   

Well, just because i have to here are the questions
  • Why did you choose the location you chose?
I chose across from the stairway so that more people will see it.
  • How did this project change your perception of Art?
It didn't, I don't have any new view of art, bit I have more respect for the technique now
  • How did this project change your perception of Art you see as you travel around the city?
It didn't, I just look out for it more often