Día de los Muertos

Aiesha Langley



Spanish Eulogy


Hola! Me llamo Aiesha Langley, Yo soy el joven hija de Robert Langley. Mi padre muero cuando yo doce años.

“Hello my name is Aiesha Langley, I am the youngest daughter of Robert Langley.My father died when i was 12 years old.”


Mi padre Madre nombre es Belle Myers y su Padre nombre es “Bunky” Myers. Mi Padre nació en el sur de Filadelfia y trasladado a suroeste filadelfia.

“My father mother name is Belle Myers and his father name is Bunky Myers. My father was born in South Philadelphia and moved to Southwest Philadelphia.”


Mi padre es el más antiguo niño de Belle Myers . El tiene dos hijas.

My father is the oldest child of Belle Myers. He has two daughters.”


Mi padre era alto and muy comica. El era muy trabajador

My father was tall and very funny. He was also very hardworking.


Yo soy muy triste.  El era mi el mejor amigo. Ha sido un tiempo, y todavía me duele. Que lastima a saber mi abuela perdido primero nacido.

I am very sad. He was my best friend. It's been a while, and it still hurts. That hurts to know my grandmother lost first born.  

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Aiesha Langley

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Q1 BenchMark Dia de los Muertos

The person that passed away was my father. That was a life changing event. That is an event that caused a change in me because i really love my father and losing him was a wake up call for me. It made me realize life is to short and you never know when your last time seeing someone would be. My father means a lot to me because he is an important aspect of my life. He made me who I am today. Losing him made me wanna try harder to achieve my goals because i know he is looking down on me proud and happy for his youngest daughter and for my achievements.Everything i now do is for my dad. Whenever i'm ready to give up i think to myself "no aiesha, you have to keep working hard for dad" or "he is looking down smiling on me".

I personally think that when a girl loses her father or mother her life will never be the same but i think a girl losing her father is more effective than a girl losing her mother because the type of love and attention that girls would receive from the mother wouldn't be the same as the love from their father because i feel as though girls need their father more because they would never experience “the father daughter love”. This event really changed me because it changed my view on life, it changed the way I view myself and others.

It also made me think about the good times i shared with him and all the memories we shared. For example, when i was little we had a chuck e cheese outing. At the time being i was very afraid of chuckee because i don't like people dressed up in costumes up until this day so we were all eating pizza and playing games until chuckie came over and i was so terrified. I hid under the table, but my dad made it clear that whatever happens he will always be there to protect me, he is my protector. qI think about him everyday and the hardest thing was walking across the stage getting my diploma from 8th grade and not seeing his face in the crowd and when i went to my 8th grade dinner dance him not there to see me go like the rest of the crowd hurted me more then anything.

I would do anything to have my dad back in my life to make up for those special moments i had faced, but i know he was with me not physically but mentally. I decided to create my skull about my father because as stated before, my father mean alot to me and he was more than a Dad. He was my protector, my best friend, and anything else I needed him to be.

But now he is my guardian angel.My sugar skull and mask represents my father because I used some of his favorite colors and his favorite things. For example I used the colors he liked and also  colors to represent christmas (the day he passed) and I used car stickers because my dad collected cars and two emojis stickers of two little girls because he has two daughters , me and my older sister the stickers represented things that he love and cherish.

Dia de los Muertos has opened my mind to want to celebrate his life more and reflect on all the good times we shared when he was still here with me and the rest of our family. Even though he isnt here physically , I know he is here with my mentally , and emotionally because he will always be an important aspect of my life and I will always carry him around him around with me. He may be gone be not forgotten.

For this project, we had to reflect on someone that has passed and write a spanish eulogy about that person. I enjoyed this project because I got the chance to make a representation of someone who was so close to me (my father)  and present it. 
At first I wasn't too fond of this project because I thought it would be sad to reflect , but while doing it, it brought out a happy side. It reminded me of all the memories we shared.