Diamond, Cinque, Aliya, . Express Myself Videos

This unit, we learned  the courage people obtain or don’t  possess to allow others to know who they are. We analyzed a poem called, “We Wear the Mask.” This reflected the truth of  hiding your emotions and opinions in order to be accepted by society and the people in it. Everyone wants to be accepted as normal and fear being criticized of who they really are. Another theme was self expression. People identify themselves by their race, sexual orientation, the way they dress, culture, gender and hobbies or interests. These are the main ways people are judged by society, depending on if their identity is mainstream or fringe.

Our video was about the interests and hobbies of our group.  We picked out things we like to do, and showed our own ways of doing it.  For example we portrayed our favorite music artists, food, and leisure activities (drawing, sports and singing).Then we explained how they relate to each other.


As a citizen of today’s judgemental society, I have learned to express myself through my likes, dislikes, physical presentation and my personality. From this unit of learning about expressing ourselves, I did just that and it was a fun and interesting way for me to present myself to others the way I wanted to be be presented. I think it is important for anyone viewing this video to know that we all individually got to decided who we wanted to be viewed as. We got to share what we wanted and how we wanted it to be shared without the hesitation caused by fear of being judged. I have definitely learned how to be myself.


During the development of this project, I learned that that were somethings I did not to share with my peers. In other words I was hiding myself from my peers. For example I refused to publish my family, and events of my life growing up, based on my background. In order to understand the significance of my video the viewer must understand many things. To explain them simply, sports, interests and friends were not related to my hidden feelings.


My individual video included pictures of me, my friends and family, and some of the things I enjoy doing. I don’t feel as if I had to wear a mask to the class, I was able to show myself comfortably. Something I learned from doing this project and unit is that it really can be hard to show who you really are to people. When I was making my group we video with my group, I wasn't sure if I should of used One Direction as the music I like, because I know some people would make a comment about it. I did add it though, and I am happy I did not feel that pressured to wear a mask. One thing I think you should know about my video to fully understand it is that I made the video about people and things I love. I didn't add any other topic to it. So when you watch it, remember that because I don’t have anything in there about religion, race, etc.