Diamond Hannah & Vernika Barrow's Capstone

The senior capstone process for us has been nothing but full of surprises, challenges, and new beginnings. We put together a program with intentions of establishing relationships with the freshman females for motivational purposes, etc. We will go a long way, for we have learned has taught us about stepping out of our comfort zones while encouraging others to do the same. The fact that neither one of us feel as though we had positive role models close in age to look up to as we went on our journey through high school, made us want to give back to our community and serve as role models to at least some of the freshman girls. Building relationships with some of the freshman girls have been very exciting for us. We felt very helpful being able to answer questions and give valuable information to the girls and the process was even more interesting considering we were able to gain information from them too. To show others what we have done, we’ve put together a presentation that goes into depth about the process, what we did with the girls and what we’ve gotten out of this experience. We intend to continue to build relationships with these girls beyond our high school careers. 
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