DiGiorno uses Domestic Violence to Sell Pizza

Qualee Bentley

DiGiorno Pizza went to Twitter to promote their pizza using the hashtag #WhyIStayed. What they didn’t know was that the hashtag was used for thousands of women opening up about their abusive relationships. DiGiorno quickly realized that they made a mistake and took it down but it was too late, this shows lack of control and permanence. They began to explain how they didn’t check and see what the hashtag represented and started to apologize to everyone that saw it. This shows how immediacy played into their situation.

My advice for DiGiorno Pizza is to check before you post. You should always make sure that your post doesn’t contain offensive material. Also, make sure to check what the hashtag represents before you use it.http://time.com/3308861/digiorno-social-media-pizza/