Dillynne Wiggins Capstone

My capstone was based around the question “how does one person in a community cause a positive effect on the rest of the community?” As I went through the process I was able to finally do something which could benefit me, my community, and others watching me. I decided to create mini vlogs showing what it’s like helping other people watch their children. I was able to gather up some kids on the weekend who I normally watch and keep them for a few hours. Sometimes I charge and other times I did it for free. The people provide for the children and I provide everything else such as food, snacks, somewhere to sleep, somewhere to play, toys, etc. Through this experience, I was able to see that at some point parents need help as well. It’s not always easy taking care of a child by yourself. Showing people around me that they have support no matter what was the biggest takeaway from this project. I was able to grow more bonds that I never knew I would’ve had before. Being able to gain a new level of trust with parents and children just shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.