Donald Sterling Scandal

Donald Sterling was the owner of the Los Angeles clippers since 1981. But in 2014 there was video leakage of him saying racist remarks against black people. The leakage spread fast and became top stories on sports networks. Donald Sterling could not stop it from spreading either. It seemed that the video of him was on every website. This was an example of lack of control because he couldn't control how much it spread.

  To this day, if you went on the internet and looked up the Donald Sterling scandal, you can still find the video. Nothing he can do can take the video off the websites. This shows how permanence played into him. His reputation is forever ruined because it's always going to be online.  

  He couldn't stop it from being posted because it happened too fast. He never would expected his life to be ruined too fast but that's what happened. Immediacy played a huge role in this because he could have stopped it before it went online if immediacy was not a problem.

  This whole scandal banned him from any NBA game. Also, he had to give the NBA 2.5million because of his comments. Lastly he had to sell the clippers for 2 billion so he lost his whole franchise. All this because of some comments he thought nobody would hear.