Donald Trumps tweets

While searching for a topic to focus on, I came across Donald Trump's tweets. I looked over his twitter page and mostly found rude tweets that mostly involved politicians, like President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Some tweets talked about how President Obama unfit for President and other tweets involved Trump talking about how Barack Obama is not born in America. Other tweets offended Hillary Clinton. The type of tweets I focused on were the ones that involved him talking about President Obama's birth certificate . I used Google and searched up Trumps Twitter and I scrolled down to tweets on President Barack Obama. I looked over all of the tweets that were listed there and most of them talked about how President Obama was not born in the U.S because Trump thinks that he was born in Kenya . An example of one of his tweets was  “Let's take a closer look at that birth certificate. @Barack Obama was described in 2003 as being "born in Kenya.” This tweet impacted him since he pursued with this lie and most of his supporters know that President Barack Obama is from Honolulu, Hawaii. His supporters might have noticed later on that, since that is a lie he told to people, and he believes in it so strongly, that maybe that isn't the only lie he made up,so he lost supporters due to this fact. Since Donald Trump is famous, all three things, Immediacy, Lack of control and Permanence, affected him in a bad way. Immediacy affects him because once he hits the post button, millions of people can see what he just thought of, or how he is feeling at the time. Lack of control affects him because now people can screenshot his tweet and repost it to spread rumors how he is not a good candidate. Permanence affects him because now, you could search up ¨Donald Trump rude Obama tweets” and millions of pages would come up due to the lack of control. I would tell Donald to keep his unnecessary tweets to himself because they can not be backed up with sufficient information and because thats rude.

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