Environmental Justice Mini PSA

I honestly picked this topic because it was the most interesting to me. When we learned about it in class I was really surprised that lead poisoning, especially in Philadelphia, was so common yet it was my first time hearing about it. You’d think this would be talked about more or something covered in school but unfortunately, it’s not. I would love to see this issue getting more exposure so the problem can be solved. I used a lot of knowledge from class and outside research so I wouldn’t do anything differently except, I could’ve started it earlier instead of waiting until the last minute. Overall, The research part was the most meaningful because I became more educated. Resources: Guardian News and Media. (2020, February 26). 'It was everywhere': how lead is poisoning America's poorest children. The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/26/lead-poisoning-minorities-poor-americans#:~:text=In%20Philadelphia%2C%207.6%25%20of%20under,30%25%20of%20children%20were%20tested.


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Oscar Rathmann (Student 2021)
Oscar Rathmann

It was great that you gave a little background when starting your topic. The number of kids with lead poisoning was wild I think adding that was very impactful as that stuck with me. Does it only affects kids under 7?