Epifanio Rios Capstone - Synthesizers

Sounds play an important part in many of the things we enjoy. Music, films, television, and even youtube videos use sound as a major component in their media. It is one of the most fundamental parts of entertainment and communication. So inherently I found the subject of sound to be appealing. My desire to understand the fundamentals and facets of sound was a motivating factor. Synthesizers seemed like a logical step since they are like sound boxes. The uses of synthesizers range from music production to movie production as they are used to generate all sorts of sounds and noises. Throughout the year, I developed four fully functioning synthesizers each with its own sound, style, and purpose. Before even beginning to build synthesizers I had spent time researching and learning about sound and the components of a synthesizer itself. Much of my time was also spent testing, designing, and planning synthesizers before construction began. 
Through synthesizers, I learned new concepts, skills, and understandings regarding electronics, programming, sound itself, and circuitry. Computer programming is a completely new skill I had to learn and develop throughout this project, the same goes for creating complex circuits. All of these things took time to establish an adeptness for and required a considerable amount of commitment. The ultimate purpose of this project was to weave together a learning experience with a topic I am interested in and eager about to explore sound and new skills. 

Atari Punk Console - My First Synth

Arduino Synthesizer - Phase Two

Phase Three: Modular Synthesizer

Phase Four: Contact Synthesizer

Synth Process