Ethan Berlenbach Game Design Capstone

Game Design Mini-Course

For my capstone project I decided to lead a Mini-Course at our school teaching 9th graders about game design. The reason I wanted to do this project is because I aspire to become a teacher. The class was held every Wednesday not only this year but also last year when I was leading the class as part of the ILP program. Every week I worked with my partner Austin,  who was helping me run the class as part of his capstone. The goal of the class was to get th 8-16 freshmen depending on which session it was, to learn the basics of game design and be able to transform those skills into a miniature game   We wrote and revised lesson plans in order to teach the class and had to make adjustments as time went on. We had to do often enough because there were many challenges with supplies and technological issues we faced. Overall, I learned a lot about what it means to be a teacher and the challenges teachers face.

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