Express Videos and Artists Statements

These are our artists statements and videos, first up we have our group video's artists statement. Enjoy!
Group Artists Statement: By Zack Waxler, Jaycob Rodriguez, Ryan Burke and Abdulomar Tucker​

This unit was about expressing ourselves & trying to get us to be who we are & not what society wants us to be (wear the mask). This video helps us learn about our friends more by showing us what they like to do & how hard they have worked on this activity or how hard they try to do the best they can at this. It also teaches us to not be so quick to judge others and how we need to accept their differences so we can grow as people.

For the video, we all shared each others’ interests; We tried doing parkour (Jaycob); we tried playing games (Zack); we also tried skateboarding (Ryan); we tried drawing (Abdul). By doing this we learned more about each other & how hard they worked to get to skill level they are at now.

One of the important themes of our video was learning about each other. We decided to try each other’s activities together and learn more about ourselves as a group. This created a bond between us that made our friendship stronger, creating better sense of gratitude towards each other, and developing a sense of mutual respect.
​Zack Waxler's Artists Statement

We express ourselves through video because we want to let other people see our lives. Just talking to people doesn’t let them see what your life is actually like outside of what they know. When they watch a video, however it gives them a glimpse of what’s really happening. Technology makes it so much easier to communicate our lives. Letters, pictures and drawings are all just too slow for the modern world, people like to be able to instantly look at whatever you create.

Zack Waxler's Video
​Ryan Burke's Artists Statement

My video wasn’t finished but what i started on included stuff I use to definewho i am & what I like to do. Music is something that has played/plays a big role in my life. I just had a few bands & artists that I like or listen to a lot. I also like to build & design so I had a few pictures of stuff I made with the DMD (Department of Making & Doing). I didn’t have time to record or take any pictures of this for my video but I like to skateboard or playe baseball in my free time. I was also going to put a few quotes i like in there but never got to that either.

Making this project helped me learn a bit more about myself. I never really realized before that some of these things made me who I am. I thought it was just something I liked to do but they actually shaped me into who I am.

Abdul's Artists Statement
While doing this project I learned the reasons why we express ourselves, how technology affects the way we express ourselves and connect with others, and whether or not I expressed  the complexity of myself in my video.  

To begin,the reason we express ourselves is  because humans are social beings. Humans love to know about others and for others to know about them. Even in each conversation information is shared which creates a better understanding of the two people. Creating a bond.Which creates a relationship. People express themselves in many ways like the way they dress , they way they act, and what music they listen to;However, in the end it all boils down to the same fact. We as humans, are social so we express ourselves to learn more about each other and for them to know more about us.

Furthermore, Technology affects the way we express ourselves and the way we connect with each other in a huge way. Technology is good and makes life comfortable , but it also impends on the  amount of physical  conversations that happen. Nowadays the whole family could be in the same room , but they wouldn’t be bonding because they are all on their phones. Creating a gap between each other.People use technology like video games to express themselves in many ways. If someone plays games like naruto , then they must like anime. They would most likely have friends who watch anime.If someone plays sport games then they must be competitive. They may participate in sport activities.

Moreover, I think that I have expressed the  complexity of myself in my video. I showed my competitive side by showing  me playing video games like madden, 2k and gta. I showed my fun side by having a video of me playing around with my cousins and showed a vine. I then showcased my talent of art by showing a painting  and my drawing. I then showed my favorite childhood show along with me showcasing me being a muslim. I recorded myself reading a sura and took a picture.I also showed my motivated myself by putting in a quote I live by. So, i think  I did well with expressing my complexity.

In conclusion, While doing this project I learned the reason why people express themselves, how technology affects they way we express ourselves and connect with people, and how I expressed the complexity of myself in my video. I learned that people express themselves because they are curious. The technology has a huge impact on how people express themselves and how we connect. I also learned I had expressed all of my complexity's that make Abdulomar, Abdulomar.

Jaycob's Artists Statement

This video is of how me and 3 other people in my group worked together to try each others hobbies and understand each others interest. We all gave each others hobby a chance and came closer together as a group and friends. To completely understand the video it should be known that each hobby was something that one of us did more than the other and decided that it would be cool for them to know. The big thing that I learned was that something that seems small to some people can actually be a big part of another persons life and that we should all acknowledge that about each other.

Jaycob's Video