Freshmen Learn About and Create Street Art

​Freshmen at SLA Beeber explore these questions during their first year here:

"Who am I?"
"How do I interact with the environment?"
"How does the environment affect me?"

In our Art class we explore these questions as well: 

"What is art?"
"What makes someone an artist?"
"What does it mean to “see like an artist?”

After watching the Banksy movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and exploring the meaning behind street art, the evolution of street art into a commodity and the intricacies of fair use and reusing images, students then made their own street art. They, as a result, explored their own identity, their impact on their environment through the placement of their art around the building and the change in their perception of street art by now seeing like a street artist themselves.

Here is their street art and reflections: