Gayle- natural disasters

How do the earth systems affect each other? How can an understanding of environmental science aid in handling natural disasters?

  • If the atmosphere is off, like too much C02 for instance, it will affect earth in many ways such as, global warming. The Earth has gone up one degrees celsius. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but the summers are getting hotter and if you notice we haven’t had a good snow storm since I was like 3 or 4 ( 2009-2010).

  • If we know what in the environment contributes to the disasters, then we can stop them from occurring. We can stop floods by not cutting down trees. When you cut down a tree, the C02 that was in it gets released into the atmosphere which creates more heat. The more humidity there is, the more rain will come in the future. When there’s a lot of rain, it floods.

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