Gayle- Q3 benchmark

What value do we see in the biodiversity and natural resources of the earth?

biodiversity is essential for environments to survive, natural resources are a part of that biodiversity. How will we have natural resources w/o biodiversity.

What human actions are associated with altering earth’s natural systems? How can individuals, communities and or nations live more sustainably?

Burning fossil fuels, using cars, having land fills of clothes, using plastic. I think if we use solar panels and thrift clothes the world would be a better place.

Reflection Questions:

How did this project deepen your understanding of sustainability?

I’ve always understood how important it is to be sustainable, but now I know that the little things add up.

What information about your chosen industry surprised you most? Why?

That the clothing industry uses a lot of carbon emissions. I didn’t think you had to burn anything to make clothes, I thought it was just sewing

How did you contribute to your groups project? Provide specific examples. What were you proud of, in terms of your overall project?

I did the slides and me and ava did the poster. I did all that in the span of 2 days.