Global Water Crisis

What stood out to me was that Mexico created a water bottle brand for them and visitors so that no one gets ill from accidentally drinking the tap water.

Is the global water crisis an environmental justice issue? Why or why not?- No, it would not be environmental justice when you think of environmental justice it is something that can be prevented or an easier simpler way to fight the cause of the effect. Whereas a water crisis affects not one area or two, but many major parts of the city where it could grow out of hand. “Environmental injustice can be defined as the disproportionate exposure of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and/or low-income communities to environmental harms and risks, as compared to other communities, and its concomitant adverse effects on the health and the environment of those communities. Moreover, environmental injustice refers to the unequal enforcement by federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies of protective environmental laws, regulations, policies, and programs.”

Water Crisis