Guide to Social media

               Online I am invisible.Based on my appearance people ask me more so they can try and find me. I don’t post things on social media so I think about nothing. The pros and cons of sharing are that sometimes you are praised and people like it and others hate on your achievements. If you don’t control what you post then it may have a negative response and the immedancy of a post is that when you post something it is automatically shared to whatever you post it to unless it’s YouTube. My thoughts on background checks are that It doesn’t matter what you post It’s the character of the person I’m interviewing. Free speech being able to say whatever you think, it is protected because there are certain things you cannot say, things you cannot say are slanderous things and things that would hurt someone’s emotions or reveal someone’s secrets. What is an Internet troll? An internet troll is a person who can either be your worst enemy or a friend because if you play a game online a troll probably isn’t the bad guy the hackers are so most of the time I would have to say that internet trolls that are bad are the ones one social media. The goals of most internet trolls from what I’ve encountered is to have a good time but not always at someone else’s exspence. You can stop troller’s by outsmarting them on games but on social media it’s best to ignore them completely. The pros are no one knows what you said and can say something to you inperticularly but the cons are it could be a really good idea and now someone can steal it and pass it off as there’s and you can can do about. The 3 tips I got for the Homies who read this is that DON’T BE STUPID, KEEP IT PG, AND DON’T BE NASSSSSTTTTYY.

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Lamier Howard (Student 2019)
Lamier Howard

Good job with your 3 tips. I can relate to being invisible online. My question is why you gotta capitalize all your tips? I think you don't have to do that. Besides that good job.