Haniah Jones & Amani Sheard Capstone

“There are no bad kids, just bad circumstances” A quote from YTC ( a youth transition center located in Southwest Philadelphia). As seniors in high school, we have never experienced homelessness or having to live in a shelter. But what about the hundreds of teens that have? We stepped into the shoes of others by staying at and helping out at a youth shelter and documented and analyzed the experience. The end goal is to help change the community and go beyond what we know. Not only will this open up a new perspective to ourselves and others once we share, but we plan to promote and emphasize a youth center that could be beneficial to many.uld more than likely be our biggest challenge.“The YTC Program is for homeless youth ages 14-17yrs old and utilizes Positive Youth Development (PYD) Best Practice Models, while incorporating Trauma-informed care and Harm Reduction approaches. Through mentoring, education, case management, and employment readiness training, YTC concentrates on building satisfying lives. YTC is dedicated to helping homeless youth, their families, and the community by offering holistic strength-based services.   The whole point of a senior project is to create something memorable and useful to our community. What better way to do so by tackling an issue in our community that directly.
Final capstone