Hayley Bartholomew-Lowery's Capstone

The goal of this senior capstone project is to develop a workshop on financial literacy for 10th graders, with a particular emphasis on improving their comprehension of checking and savings accounts as a small aspect of finance. By delivering this fundamental information, we hope to encourage a favorable attitude toward money and close the gap between conventional school curricula and real-world financial knowledge. The workshop aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to make wise financial decisions and form lifelong financial literacy habits through interactive sessions and real-world examples. The project has the potential to have a positive influence on people, families, and communities, ensuring a more promising financial future for everyone involved. Then at the end, students create 2 infographics of the information they for from each session about a checking and saving account.

Checkings account infograph (1) (2)
Importance of a Savings Account Infograph (2)
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Money Talk QR CoDE