Heart Disease & Stroke PSA

For our Quarter 4 Benchmark, my group and I focused on Heart Disease and other orders that are served as a public health issue. Many people don’t know what Public Health Issues mean but it is way deeper than what you think. My group and I came to the conclusion that Public health is "the well-being of the population that is insured by those of higher power who partake in the act of researching to counter diseases and extend general life expectancy." Heart disease is the most common disease. About 250,000 deaths occur from heart disease per year and 92% of deaths with heart failure as the underlying cause of death are among persons aged 65 years and older. I believe my group and I did well considering that we had some minor setbacks, we still made it and overcame the project. Overall I believe we did well as a group. The most meaningful thing about this project was being able to help others find ways to be helped if they are battling this disorder.