Homelessness in the United States

Amora and Kou Zine

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Noah Briggs (Student 2024)
Noah Briggs

This zine is so dope this is definitely my favorite and there is a lot of information. You guys brought attention to a lot of things and enlightened about homelessness.

Jabriel Muttalib (Student 2024)
Jabriel Muttalib

Dear Amora I am surprised by the format your zine had because of its organization and completeness it made me want to redo mines. One part of your zine that stood out to me was page 7. Page 7 had lines that separate the main point from other details. Your poem introduced a different perspective for me when reading about homelessness. Your poem reminds me of a article on a news website. Thanks for your POV on this social issue i look forward to seeing what other projects you might make.