How Litter Affects the Environment

Our video mostly discusses the hazardous effects of littering through some simple and somewhat comedic acting. In it, we have a person attempting to litter only to be stopped and given a broad explanation as to what he's doing to the environment. We also discuss the effects of litter over the environment, animals and even politics through the use of some small visuals. We also chose to talk about littering since it's one of the biggest environmental hazards in our city. Philadelphia is actually known to be the fourth filthiest city in America mostly due to litter so we thought it would important to discuss how much litter is affecting the very city that we live in and how political and economic measures are being taken to deal with the situation. As for the actual process of the project, I mostly assisted by writing many of the lines in the script as well as a small poem to discuss our topic with. I also helped in acting out some of the scenes for our PSA. However, despite all of this we still could've done better at making a video that met the five-minute mark, but we assumed that we were fully prepared only to find out at the last minute that we were still one minute short. Despite this, I suppose that it was still meaningful to present what we learned in the form of a video that would use words and visuals along with some comedic acting to get viewers invested in our topic, while also learning important information from it.