How To Create A Room On HomeStyler

This is a instructional video to teach someone how to create and furnish a room on This video was assigned from my tech teacher Ms. Hertz. The goal of this video was to teach someone how to do something, and also to learn how to use a new tool called TechSmith Snagit. TechSmith Snagit is a tool that you can download on a chrome to record you screen. It s a very useful and handy tool. On the other hand is a website where you can create floor plans for different things. Some of the things you might need to create a floor plan for is a house, restaurant, or a new business office. I learned many things creating this project that will help me in my future school career. This project took me longer then expected t complete because I had to redo he recording a few times. I also had trouble working with the new application which was TechSmith Snagit.