"Think before you post"

Tyler Clementi 1992-2010 was a person who committed suicide by jumping off the beige. after getting sexually encounter he had with a man in his dorm room, and Ravi was told to live stream there sexual act. Clementi did not have any type of clue that a live stream was going on at the time. Ravi and Wei were charged with the invasion of privacy.
This includes "Immediacy" because Clementi was involved in this situation and was live streamed with out his knowledge of what was going on at the time.This also includes "Permanency" because Clementi was having a intercourse while Ravie was live streaming it so there was no sort of privacy involved, and its also re uploaded a lot of times. This also includes "Lack of Immediacy" because this situation was a immediacy of a live stream on a social media web site.
The following link: http://puresight.com/Real-Life-Stories/tyler-clementi-1992-2010-puresight.html.