Human Anatomy- Alcohol Substance Abuse

This PSA is based on alcohol substance abuse. Now my group and I chose this topic because it was something that interested us all and wanted to learn more about formally rather than just the things one hears from others. In the video, we talk about the major issues related to alcohol substance abuse and the stigmas that come with recovery. We learned that help for those who suffer from alcohol substance abuse is looked down upon and is actually hard to find help for organizations to survive. Further explaining the new ways alcohol prevention is being taught.
We want to educate people on how this addiction can impact both our society now and the future. Not only is it one that is causing our society to suffer, de-nourish and even die, but is also affecting future generations statistically and genetically. I learned a lot of new material on alcohol, this PSA became very important along the way. As the more research, we did the better we were able to look at the situation in our society. Substance abuse is a public health problem, and a community can change that. We hope to educate people with this PSA and help others look at alcohol substance abuse in a healthier way. As well as encourage others to help those with a problem.