Humans Of Sla@Beeber: Nina

Michael interviews Nina!

Question 1
Michael: What was yo most embarrassing moment?

Nina: My most embarrassing moment was when I was in Atlantic performing with my choir and I accidently went off key and the choir director... yelled at me.

Question 2
M: Describe yo perfect day.

N: My perfect day was a time that I in um... Kingston with a family and we rode on a lot of rides and fun.

Question 3
M: If yo had one wish what would yo wish for?

N: If I had... if I had one wish I would wish for a better community.

Question 4
M: What was yo childhood fear?

N: My childhood fear was spiders.

Question 5
M: What was yo most favorite memory?

N: My most favorite memory... was my first talent show which was my first solo.