Humans of SLA Beeber: Khia


Interview with Khia:

Question 1:

Interviewer: How do you fit into society?

Khia: I don’t.

Question 2:

Interviewer: What is your favorite memory in life?

Khia: (pauses) Recent?

Interviewer: Yes

Khia: When i got accepted to CAPA

Question 3:

Interviewer: What is a story about your name?

Khia: Well… I was on Facebook, and, (laughs) I saw this picture that said um, “Google your name” and then next to it “MEME”. So, I… I Googled “Khia MEME”, and, went on images, and, I was (laughing) disappointed to see, that it was the lady who sings “My Neck, My Back”, … (both laughing) Her name is also khia. (Me laughing) We share the same name. (Both laughing) I got upset.

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